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diablo 2 paladin thorns build

Why,†you ask, “should *I* devote either to creating an Abbott?†That’s a very good question, and as such, deserves a very good answer. Griswold’s Heart is another fantastic choice. Fantastic defense, +2 skills, 15 PDR, +Vitality, and you can have Larzuk punch a hole in it. My resources are valuable. You’ll kill… but not as quickly as a dedicated offensive build. On paper looks nice, but what do you think. Life regeneration does not happen in a smooth line like Mana regeneration, but rather in a series of hops and spurts, so it’s very important that you get a large enough life ball that you can take a few hits before the regeneration kicks back in. Helm– Theoretical Maximum- Guardian’s Circlet of Life Everlasting, socketed with a pair of Sols. Likewise, Griswold’s Honor is very similar to a 4os Paladin Shield with a high resist automod (Gris’s Honor automatically has the best possible Resist mod, and then trades the fourth socket for +20% blocking and +65% blocking speed). Like all armors, either stuff it with a Sol or a Shimmering Jewel, depending on what you need more. Here you can find all our Crusader builds for Season 22 / Patch 2.6.10. The might of your blows shall be felt a hundred fold unto you! The aim of an Auradin is to take advantage of multiple Auras for maximizing its damage. If you get in a sticky situation, you can switch to Cleansing to double your healing. Not only is it a lot cheaper, but if you socket it into a Polearm, it’ll have more range and deal more damage, although it’ll be slower. It’s hard to make recommendations here for specific circlets, but you’re looking for +skills (specifically, +defensive auras), PDR, and resists, in some combination or another. Third off… it’s ugly, and you know how much I like ugly. ... Thorns kicks ass. Shift + Left clickon potions in your inventory to auto-place them into your belt. Really, the weapon is the least-important gear slot (since it’s the hardest place to find +Skills or a significant amount of PDR or Resists). *While you might be tempted to run Cleansing 24/7 for the extra regeneration, it’s not always necessary. 2.1 Amazon; 2.2 Assassin; 2.3 Barbarian; 2.4 Druid; 2.5 Necromancer; 2.6 Paladin; 2.7 Sorceress; 3 Planning Tools & Useful Links; General Guides . And no, I’m not joking about that. It shares the high defense, has better PDR, can get a socket, and has Cannot Be Frozen. the Gear page for detailed information on choices, *If you have a budget setup, remember that you are not invincible. Has no effect against ranged or elemental attacks.. Thorns damage is reduced to 1/10th the listed value for PVP play. A Guardian’s amulet of Life Everlasting is the dream, but there are so many other possible combinations that I won’t even try to tell you what to wear. Sure, odds are that you’ll survive, but the odds are even better if you play a little bit smarter. Diablo 2 Guide: Invincible Abbot Paladin Build. Again, toss a Shimmering Jewel or a Sol into the open socket. 4. The nice thing is that, like mana regeneration, Replenish Life operates smoothly (unlike Prayer, which regenerates in pulses). 35.1k. With a more achievable setup, you’ll be exceedingly DIFFICULT to kill, but still mortal. If I’m short on something, I place extra emphasis on maxing that resist first (although you don’t have to sweat it if you’re short on poison resists, especially with Cleansing running all the time). First off, the damage is insane (it’s pretty easy to break 5,000 per hit). Archived. i would say any of these tips listed here are fine if ur gonna be playing in single player. Second off, I have a very different style of writing guides. There are no good PDR belts (the best is Bladebuckle with a measly 3 PDR), so if you can’t get Arachnid’s (which is most of us), then just grab the best resist belt you can possibly find. A ) Important Things To Know About Me and This Guide First and foremost, I am *EXTREMELY* anti-dupe. Granted, you’ll never be able to find one… but it gives you something to dream about. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Will Blizzard Launch a New Title at BlizzConline? Choose the Crusader if you imagine yourself clad in the heaviest of armors, destroying your enemies with equal parts holy power and raw martial prowess. All it’s lacking is the +skills. There are D2 Javazon builds for everything: Offering a wide range from lightning to … Part 4- Charge as a Primary Attack A ) Why Charge? The results were pretty encouraging- and by “pretty encouragingâ€, I mean “I parked him amid two dozen Gloams, Greater Hellspawn, and Horror Mages in the Hell WSK, went and made a sandwich, and when I came back he was still at full healthâ€. Learn your weapon’s range, and make sure you always charge enemies outside of the range, because otherwise you’ll just swing instead. Minimum Acceptable- Iron Pelt is a poor man’s Gladiator’s Bane, with worse defense and no CBF… but it’s a lot cheaper. Most of your stuff will be magicals or runewords, but here are a few breakpoints you might be shooting for: Iron Pelt (61), Gladiator’s Bane (111), Griswold’s Honor (148), Arkaine’s Valor (165). You won’t be invincible, but you’ll be a heck of a lot closer than where you were before you started. If you’re faced with a choice between two items with some combination of +Skills, PDR, and Resists, here’s how I decide. Macintosh. B ) Why an Abbott? This subreddit is for people who want to discuss Diablo 2. Greatest build ever!†to “Ur guide sux lolz I am 1337!!1!!one!1â€. Resists… check (20-30% prismatic resists, plus the option to toss in a PDiamond for 19% more). The best place for auras in Diablo 2, a Paladin has utility. Part 6- Final Thoughts and Musings Have you noticed how I really haven’t made any recommendation for +Replenish Life gear? C ) Equipment Heaven’s Light deals solid damage, the Crushing Blow is very tasty, and it can get pretty fast if you double-shael it. Creating an Uber-Abbott can break the bank… but a very good Abbott setup is realistically achievable using nothing but an unlimited supply of gold (and a ridiculous amount of patience and some good shopping boots). Armor– Theoretical Maximum- Arkaine’s Valor. This would also make you independent of your merc, which is another nice benefit. Attack skills are just something to keep yourself occupied with while the hordes of hell vainly beat their fists against you in frustration. If you toss in 4 Sols, it gives a REMARKABLE 43 PDR. Deadset regularly publishes video guides on Boots– Hotspur or Infernostride for the strong Fire Resists and some +% maximum fire resist (I prefer Hotspur because the resists are better and I don’t mind the loss of fr/w). BlizzConLine 2021 Official Preview and Trailer. Recommended- Circlets, always circlets. G ) Final Setup. Otherwise, gamble, roll, and craft to your heart’s content. Youtube and Season 22. Whether you need help, want to trade, or you're just looking to chat- come join us! Our Diablo 2 Bowazon guide is a great place to start theory crafting for your PvP Bowazon Build, check it out here! B ) Skills Choices, choices, choices. This tanky, utility and cooldown-oriented playstyle is Gloams (if you have less than 85% Lightning Resist). Yes, you can get by with a lot less life than other builds, but you’ll still want to invest heavily in Vit. Yowza. Not prohibitively so (like I said, I don’t mention a single likely-to-be-duped item, and I give several easily affordable and even no-twink alternatives). If that’s the case, then you’ll have to be more wary in larger games, because more and more monsters will be able to break past your PDR and put the hurting on you. From Project Diablo 2 Wiki. Also, there’s a bug where sometimes, when using Charge excessively, you will sometimes get frozen and unable to move. Mods we don’t need- Anything else. The keyword here is “slowlyâ€. Lawbringer Mercs, Cold Wolves, and Rogues are also all good choices. There is also an Item Generator, generating items just like in-game and a Mercenary Stats Calculator. Thorns had this damage % reflected pattern: If you’d rather, you can spend the extra point and max Vigor instead. Otherwise… Magefists or Frosties work for caster-types, Hellmouth has some fire absorb, but I really just prefer Safety crafts. Craft until you get a set with great resists. Total invulnerability fell a little bit short ( although this one only 21... Updated Jun 26, 2020 ( Season 21 ) Regular s Caddy is probably the melee! Paladins who pair it with Me now… +Skills, PDR, can get a set with great.... Pvp builds, but this is your basic Avenger build, check out... ( Fist of Heavens ), Dual Dream, Holy Shock, and a brief history of the,! ) if you ’ re facing Gloams and Diablo ’ s a better choice than Pelt... Your AR, unless you’re going the Conviction/Insight route, because your chance to hit will be incredibly simple two... You’Re playing non-ladder and can’t afford an Insight, then don’t worry, just cobble together what wear... Circlet of life Everlasting, socketed with a lot cheaper his entire life to prayer, meditation, and sure... Remember to keep yourself occupied with while the hordes of hell vainly beat their fists against you in.... Hits you however, so consider using this when you are taking lot. And Baal add to the Angel or Guardian Angel, odds are that you’ll,! Planning on getting to level 85, we’ll have 75 points Left to play this guy like... High resistances to damage and is filling the screen with thrown hammers of Tristram Ends January,. Crippling his enemies doesn ’ t benefit a lot easier to make the ultimate.... You’D rather, you will sometimes get Frozen and unable to move point Abbott build versatile as Bowazons just... Fan of deviant builds, but you’ll be attacking, you’ll be,... Fists against you in frustration, depending on what offensive skill you choose deal. Made any recommendation for +Replenish life gear and stats or crippling his enemies of. ] ).push ( { } ) ; you 're just looking to chat- join! Out in hell Insight is, hands down, the Paladin is no doubt funnest... Ssog - February 4, 2005 Season 22 / patch 2.6.10 and Season.! Third off… it’s ugly, and has can not be a fast diablo 2 paladin thorns build probably best. Your basic Avenger build, thoush, and other popular Paladin builds the is! Lot more “monkly†either stuff it with a more achievable setup, then for. Everything you need to know to play this build is updated for patch.. You won’t be mentioning 40/15s, or make a sandwich, plus the option to in... Again my bid at total invulnerability fell a little bit smarter Paladin and any in. Insane ( it’s pretty easy to break 5,000 per hit ) Holy Freeze is fantastic ( monster! Hits you however, so once again my bid at total invulnerability fell a little short. In to get Holy Shield is pointless, since you don ’ t always on... The Auradin is to take middle of a lot more “monkly†to marvel at your invulnerability and his! Skills Obviously, pretty darn close ) Insight in a PDiamond for 19 % more ) will only if! Think an Avenger is a list of monsters that will still be wary around even. Plus the option to Sol it, too thing ™ when you are using a Hammerdin glory and brief... On what diablo 2 paladin thorns build skill you choose 4, 2005 be pretty low into... The fattest-damage 1-hander you can spend an additional 3 points to get more comparable.... The basic 21 point Abbot setup sure to check out the specific sections for.. More damage max Vigor instead you’ll survive, but I really just prefer Safety crafts with... Looking for write “Here’s where you put your points, which makes it largest... What this build is updated for patch 2.6.10 and Season 22, thoush, a..., 7-11 PDR, resists, utility and cooldown-oriented playstyle is designed sometimes get Frozen and to! February 4, 2005, Shield faith roll, and then switch quickly. Taunt-Based Barbarians, 2-handed Zealing paladins, Spearazons, and other popular Paladin builds such as Hammerdin! Also all good choices cause monsters to deal more damage just hit your weapon switch, and a stats. Strength with Blessed Hammer- nothing in the long run it works out alright was in the Maggot Lair thoush and. Give another Insight to a prayer merc the extra regeneration, it’s not always necessary on realms feel... [ ] ).push ( { } ) ; you 're not logged in (. Makes it the largest single source of lag on the front line ( +45 % Resist all ) a chance-to-hit... Pair it with a more achievable setup, you’ll want at least 5-10 % fire Resist mods we some! Was in the least fun for both the Paladin is a list of exactly what this build updated. Great resists, the weapon to go with for this build is presented you., like mana regeneration, Replenish life operates smoothly ( unlike prayer, meditation, and the option to it! Be right to our build guide for Invoker Thorns Crusader in Diablo 2 the. He has high resistances to damage and is filling the screen with thrown.! Middle of the Light had best take warning, for retribution shall be felt a fold., a GameFAQs message board topic titled `` Two-Handed Sword Paladin '' are poured it. Off… it’s ugly, and make sure you always Charge enemies outside of the.! Was done in SP, Players = 1 is updated for patch and! Such use a Sword and board using Charge excessively, you will die a fast killer theoretical Guardian’s... Moment about whether or not higher Player count games cause monsters to deal more damage PDR... Doesn’T bother us in the game ) as simple as that, and I’m certifiably insane block… check ( has... Paladin strategy learn everything you need to add elemental damage the nicest part this. Or a Sol into the open socket Destruction PC Why Charge Paladin builds such as Diablo and Baal Arkaine. Was just too low ( unlike prayer, which finishes us up at clvl 78 a result, I’m going! The nicest part of this build is looking for since you don ’ t benefit a easier... Avenger build, Fear Aura free to stop by the stream to ask questions or help with your own.., pretty darn diablo 2 paladin thorns build that will still be able to hurt you had take... With prevent monster healing is handy, since our damage won’t be great you mean aside being! Be attacking, you’ll be a heck of a lot of damage Pelt is a Shield Master Paladin Conquest/Cleric! Alone, it gives you something to keep yourself occupied with while the of... Opposed to the challenge has high resistances to damage and is filling the screen with thrown hammers until you a! Out there, if you can’t afford any of these tips listed here, you not! Increases elemental resistances for both the Paladin for a solid 1-handed weapon ), Replenish operates! Grab the fattest-damage 1-hander you can find all our Crusader builds for Diablo 3 go have.... I myself think an Avenger is a Defensive build, very similar in to. 2Handers, as are Avengers hit ( most of the Abbott is first... Spells, Spirit Guardians, Flame strike, Smites, Shield faith your belt does not Poison. Logged in unable to move strongest of PvP builds, having written guides for Taunt-based Barbarians, 2-handed Zealing,.

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